Why people think we're Bulletproof

Search Engine Marketing Experts

  • Tyrone Griffin
  • Badsha Das
  • Jeremiah Smith
  • Vanessa Ally
  • “As soon as you meet Cory, the first things you’ll notice are his insatiable thirst for knowledge, his impeccable memory and a perspicacious vision for all things related to PPC Advertising.”

    Rosemary Koesling
  • “…we both had an excellent grasp of the technical knowledge required to do the job, however, one thing that I really appreciated was his selfless desire to share his paid search knowledge with the rest of the team.”

    Tyrone Griffin
  • “I have witnessed Cory build his own entrepreneurship. I have seen him stress every detail and work hard late nights and weekends to build his business. His dedication and capacity to work hard is astounding.”

    Badsha Das
  • “Cory is hands-down the best paid search professional I've ever worked with… Not only would I recommend him but he and I will continue to work together in the future.”

    Jeremiah Smith
  • “[Cory] …was always my “go-to” guy when I wanted to explore innovative ways to manage our accounts. He's extremely detail oriented, and a true team player, with steadfast dedication to everything he works on.”

    Vanessa Ally