Why people think we're Bulletproof

Search Engine Marketing Experts

  • Ikime Jackson
  • Todd Miechiels
  • Charles Lumpkin
  • Rosemary Koesling
  • Tyrone Griffin
  • Ben Tan
  • Badsha Das
  • Amy Peterman
  • “Cory’s passion for both paid search and analytics shows in the work that he does. He has a plethora of ideas and always seems to be looking for ways to aim higher and make things more efficient and cost-effective. He has almost boundless energy and enthusiasm in his pursuit to better himself and support his team.”

    Ikime Jackson
  • “Without hesitation, I can easily say that Cory provides an unsurpassed level of expertise, and regularly over delivers in both account management and results. I trust him with my biggest and most important campaigns.”

    Todd Miechiels
  • “I consider Cory to be one of the sharpest paid search marketing people out there. […]┬áIn an industry where everyone seems to know everyone, Cory Jaccino is someone you definitely want to have in your contact book for demanding PPC campaigns.”

    Charles Lumpkin
  • “As soon as you meet Cory, the first things you’ll notice are his insatiable thirst for knowledge, his impeccable memory and a perspicacious vision for all things related to PPC Advertising.”

    Rosemary Koesling
  • “…we both had an excellent grasp of the technical knowledge required to do the job, however, one thing that I really appreciated was his selfless desire to share his paid search knowledge with the rest of the team.”

    Tyrone Griffin
  • “If you’re looking for a fun, good guy and a quality, experienced and savvy search/online marketer who is passionate about results and passionate about making a difference, Cory unquestionably fits the bill.”

    Ben Tan
  • “…I have witnessed Cory build his own entrepreneurship. I have seen him stress every detail and work hard late nights and weekends to build his business. His dedication and capacity to work hard is astounding.”

    Badsha Das
  • “If you’re looking for a paid search expert to help you with some of the most demanding accounts imaginable, Cory is your man.”

    Amy Peterman